Do you know that when a new car dealer sells a replacement OBD-II ECM that it can take a week or more to obtain the ECM and to program it in the vehicle? That is because you have to make an appointment to take your car in. The dealer is going to sell the customer a new ECM for $300-$500 PLUS the flash programming for about $75 -$100 PLUS an average flat rate of $62 per hour! Your customer may end up paying $600-$800 and have his car tied up for a week or more! That's for a domestic vehicle, and imports can cost the customer twice as much!

Did you know that Micro-Tech has a program to bring back those sales to you?

We can R&R your OBD-II ECM and flash program it in-house.


Are you getting the business -
or are you losing sales to the dealers?
We have the program!   You have to tell the story!   You need to let your customers know that they don't have to tie up their cars for a week or more and spend $600-$800+. We can supply them with an R&R ready-to-go flash programmed OBD-II ECM  return freight prepaid for much less.   (call us for our current competitive price)  If you need  faster turn-around  you  may  want  to consider our overnight air option for an additional fee each way.

                                               IS THAT A DEAL OR WHAT?