Because so many tech manuals and articles are being printed concerning computers and computerized controls, many technicians name ECM's by initials or abbreviations to refer to a specific manufacturer or system. Here is a list of commonly used abbreviations:

As more systems of the automobile become computerized, this list will become much larger. Due to space limitations, please feel free to call Micro-Tech for more detailed descriptions of these and other related systems.

ABS - Antilock Brake System (all makes)
BCM - Body Control Module (GM)
CCC - Computer Command Control (GM)
CRTC - Cathode Ray Tube Controller (GM)
DFI - Digital Fuel Injection (GM)
ECA - Electronic Control Assembly (Ford)
ECM - Electronic Control Module (all makes)
ECU - Electronic Control Unit (Bosch)
EEC - Electronic Engine Control (Ford)
EFC - Electronic Fuel Control (Chrysler)
ELB - Electronic Lean Burn (Chrysler)
ESC - Electronic Spark Control (all makes)
MCU - Microprocessor Control Unit (Ford)
PCM - Powertrain Control Module (GM)
SBEC - Single Board Engine Control (Chrysler)
SMEC - Single Module Engine Control (Chrysler)
SRS - Supplemental Restraint System (all makes)